Anchorage man convicted in murder of ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend

Published: Dec. 13, 2017 at 12:04 PM AKST
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A man in Anchorage was found guilty for murdering his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, and attempting to kill her as well.

The jury returned their verdict earlier this month, the Anchorage district attorney said on Wednesday, finding Alvin Rodriguez-Moya guilty of first degree murder.

In that crime, which took place in May of 2015, Rodriguez busted into the home of Juana Garcia-Jimenez, his ex-girlfriend, after seeing her sitting on the couch with her new boyfriend, Paolo Grassi.

He broke through the back window of the trailer, knife in hand, and confronted the couple, prosecutors say. He then stabbed Garcia twice in her back and twice in her stomach, before turning the knife on Grassi.

Grassi was stabbed and cut over 30 times, all over his head and body, prosecutors said. Garcia was able to retreat into the back bedroom.

For his crimes, Rodriguez faces life in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for April of 2018.