UPDATE: One juvenile charged in house party shooting incident

Published: Mar. 14, 2017 at 5:18 AM AKDT
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Authorities investigating the house party that turned into a shootout have released more information regarding the events that culminated in the shutdown of an Anchorage street.

In a community alert, Anchorage Police said a group of people arrived at the house party, and one of its members got into a fight with someone who was already at the house.

From there, APD said in the statement, "A physical fight ensued which grew to involve approximately ten people. That led to multiple gunshot rounds being fired from more than one person; shots were fired both inside and outside of the home."

Police confirmed that one person was shot and injured, and later released from the hospital after being treated for their wound. The identity of that individual is still not known.

Police said several teens present at the party were questioned at the statement. Resulting from police questioning, one minor will face charges that have been referred to Juvenile Justice. Police will not release this individual's identity due to their status as a minor.

Police also said that the teen who was hosting the party while their parent was out of town was arrested as well, however it was on an unrelated warrant.


Police are still on the scene at this hour, interviewing witnesses after a gunfire turned a house party at the 1600 block of Tammy Avenue into a shooting incident.

Kelly Appelo, a supervisor with Anchorage Police dispatch personnel, said that police were inundated with multiple calls this morning with individuals nearby telling police “some heard 15 to 20 shots fired, and some say they heard even more than that,” Appelo said.

One person was injured but was driven to the hospital in a private vehicle before police arrived. That person is said to have sustained a gunshot wound, however their status, as well as their identity, is unknown at this time.

The exact sequence of events leading up to the shooting and what caused it is still under investigation. APD said calls started pouring in at 2:39 a.m. from neighbors living in the area near the party. Neighbors told Channel 2 that they heard multiple gunshots.

Neighbors reported hearing different numbers of gunshots during the incident, however Renee Oistad, a spokesperson with APD, confirmed that it wasn't only one person doing the shooting. "I will say there was more than one shooter. We aren’t releasing any further info on that for now," Oistad said in an email.

Police also said that it was a “large house party,” with guests in their teens. Some witnesses interviewed were in their early teens, some were driving age. It is still not known what caused the party to turn violent.

Police say no arrests have been made so far, however it is still in the early stages of their investigation, and witnesses at the scene and at the police station are still being questioned.

APD is asking people to avoid the area right now, as multiple units remain on the scene. Portions of the street were closed off as police conducted their investigation.

This is a developing story and will be updated when more information becomes available.