Outdoor Alaska: Anchorage students start experience with salmon life cycle

Published: Oct. 3, 2019 at 6:07 PM AKDT
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This week staff at the William Jack Hernandez Sportfish Hatchery had some helping hands from area students.

Classrooms participating "Salmon in the Classroom" visited the hatchery and students were able to not only learn about the life cycle of salmon, but also collect eggs and milt to begin fertilization.

"This is actually one of our favorite weeks. It's the excitement of the kids actually getting to touch a fish and see the fish up close," said Brittany Blain-Roth, fisheries biologist with ADF&G.

After the eggs are incubated at the hatchery, they are taken back to the classroom where the are incubated. The students are able to watch the transition from egg to alevin to fry. At the end of the year, the fry must be either destroyed or released into an approved landlocked lake.

"There's people that have moved here that know nothing about salmon, and we're pretty lucky that we know so much that we can actually share that knowledge with them" Blain-Roth said. "The teachers can take it a step forward and tie in other education components of taking care of the watershed and that sort of thing as well."

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