Anchorage School District monitors student engagement during distance learning

Published: May. 1, 2020 at 10:43 PM AKDT
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Given the unique circumstance, the Anchorage School District is continuing to make sense of how kids are engaging in distance learning.

“This is unprecedented in American history we’ve never had a situation where we had to completely redesign and re-imagine education," ASD Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mark Stock told KTUU.

Dr. Stock has been part of an effort to

for the district. For the first two weeks of learning outside the classroom, they looked at the number of logins and assignments submitted.

"We were encouraged by the first round," noted Dr. Stock.

The second data point followed students through week three of distance learning and they found assignments, submissions, and they found logins dropped.

An encouraging data point for Dr. Stock was the access students across ASD had to online resources outside of the classroom.

“What’s interesting is the students who are in poverty are logging in at the same rate as students who are not in poverty," shared Dr. Stock who felt their outreach programs to make sure students had wi-fi hot spots and laptops were effective. “This whole digital divide over whether students are going to contribute or not doesn’t appear to be an issue. The real question is for students who are not logging in, what are their reasons for not engaging?”

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