Anthony Aumua allegedly used drugs when shooting a kneeling Jerry Amos

 From Anchorage Police Department
From Anchorage Police Department (KTUU)
Published: Oct. 12, 2017 at 4:26 PM AKDT
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On Thursday, 34-year old Anthony Arona Aumua was in court facing charges of first- and second-degree murder for


The charging documents presented at the time of Aumua’s arraignment allege he was under the influence of drugs, when he shot the kneeling victim in the chest.

According to police, a 9-1-1 call was received around 4:15 a.m. Wednesday. The call was described as frantic with an adult female stating, “Gun shots.” APD responded to the apartment on West 29th Place and found a man lying dead on the floor. APD later identified the victim as Jerry Amos.

Police say several occupants inside the apartment were contacted, including a person in possession of a 9mm handgun, identified only as M.B. APD says 9mm shell casings were recovered from around the victim's body. According to the report, M.B. said she went to Carrs supermarket with Aumua. When she returned, she went to a back bedroom – it was there she said she heard gunshots. She walked out of the room and told police that Aumua handed her the 9mm handgun, which belonged to her.

The charging documents allege that people inside the room were “engaged in drug use, including marijuana and possibly methamphetamine, prior to the shooting.”

According to the report, one witness told police that they observed Aumua accusing another female of "putting Visine in his drink cup." A second witness says Aumua was under the influence of “Molly,” a street name for the drug ecstasy. And a third witness claimed Aumua appeared to be “high on meth.”

According to court documents, the third witness started to walk to the back of the apartment when he heard a gunshot. When he turned around, the third witness allegedly saw the victim "down on his knees on the living room floor with his hand up." Following, he told police that the suspect approached the victim from the front and fired "one more round into his chest."

One witness positively identified Aumua in a photographic line-up as the person they knew who shot the victim.

Aumua is described by several witnesses as having two aliases, “Nephew” and “Ant.”

Another two witnesses positively identified Aumua in a photographic line-up as the person they knew as either “Nephew” or “Ant.”

By Wednesday evening, Aumua surrendered peacefully to officers. APD says he admitted to the shooting.