Bearly any manners! Bear opens car to grab a quick snack at Mendenhall Glacier

Published: Aug. 15, 2018 at 5:47 PM AKDT
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Black bears have a curious nature and have noses that can smell a treat from a long way off. That's what led one black bear to help itself last Friday night near Juneau.

KTUU viewer Therese Thibodeau, who captured the nosy bear on camera, saw the whole incident unfold Friday night.

"We saw this bear open the car door and get the take-out package at the Mendenhall Glacier," Thibodeau said.

This is not uncommon, bears have frequently been spotted opening up cars, and sometimes getting trapped in, cars that have any kind of inviting odor coming from them.

Thibodeau says that she and her 96-year old mother had just returned from a short walk around the area when they spotted the bear approaching the car.

"She opened the car door, and that's what really surprised me. She stuck her paw between the door and handle," Thibodeau said.

Thibodeau says her post on Facebook has been shared some 15-hundred times since last Friday night.

The victimized car was a Subaru, a vehicle that has seemingly become a favorite for bear break-ins in Alaska — yet another reminder for Subaru (and all others) to be bear aware, and not keep food in your car.