Big progress for Lil' Blessing

 Lil' Blessing with Channel 2 News chief photographer Eric Sowl
Lil' Blessing with Channel 2 News chief photographer Eric Sowl (KTUU)
Published: Mar. 22, 2017 at 3:30 PM AKDT
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The owners of a little horse say the generosity from the community has been overwhelming and the progress made by a little filly named Lil' Blessing has been remarkable.

The foal was born ten days ago with a leg deformity so severe that she couldn't stand on her own or nurse. Volunteers decided to try to give her a chance for survival. "We're just trying so hard to make her have a good life," said Jessica Deveaux, the horse owner's daughter.

Using leg braces made out of PVC pipe cut in half, the volunteers gave Lil' Blessing around-the-clock care last week, knowing that the next few days would tell whether she would make it.

On Tuesday, the little filly is standing and walking on her own, thanks to specially designed, expandable leg braces that were purchased from donations that came in after Lil' Blessing's story aired on Channel 2 News last week.

"She's been a huge blessing to us, we have people stopping by saying they're rooting for us, they are praying for us," said Sierra Dorman, the horse owner's daughter. "The funds on the GoFundMe has been incredible."

The boots arrived Monday, and Dorman says they have been life-changing for Lil' Blessing. "Just since the first day we got them, she has already been able to extend those joints out several more degrees. The vet was just amazed at how well she did."

The horse's owners also want to pay-forward the generosity they've received. "We want to make it clear that because they (the special boots) were purchased by community funds, we're planning to have them available to any other Alaskan foal that may have this type of birth issue," Dorman said.

Lil' Blessing will wear the special braces for the next three months as she grows.

The filly's owners are thanking people who donated their time and money to help Lil' Blessing. "It's just been a blessing to all of us," Dorman said, "and there aren't enough words to say how thankful we are because she's pretty special."

Dorman says any additional donations will be used for Lil' Blessing's continuing veterinary care.