Campaign to recall Dunleavy begins signature collection

Published: Aug. 1, 2019 at 10:13 PM AKDT
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“Recall Dunleavy” was the phrase of choice at Cuddy Park, Thursday, as the campaign to recall Governor Dunleavy began their quest to gather over 28,000 signatures.

Organizers say Dunleavy violated the separation of powers with his budget cuts by preventing the legislature from effectively providing for Alaska's health, education, and welfare.

“He's undermining the institutions that we've built during the 60 years since we've been a state." says Vic Fischer, a sponsor of the recall effort and the last living signer of the Alaska state constitution.

Opponents of the recall say that's an excuse for those who disagree with Dunleavy's methods.

“The governor promised that he was going to cut the budget, reduce spending, and that he was going to give a full PFD, and people want to take him to task for being truthful?” asks Glenn Clary, chairman of the Republican Party of Alaska. “I find that odd."

If the movement does get enough signatures, the Alaska Director of Elections will create a number of petition booklets, which must be signed by nearly 80,000 voters. If that's successful, the recall will be put to a vote in a special election.

“We're quite positive that we'll win this effort." Fischer says.

In a statement to KTUU, Dunleavy Press Secretary Matt Shuckerow said “Governor Dunleavy was elected as an agent of change, refusing to accept the status quo and keenly focused on addressing the challenges the many before him have been unwilling to tackle.”

The campaign to recall Dunleavy has not yet released the number of signatures collected on their opening day.

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