Could Alaska go blue this presidential election? Polls say maybe

Published: Oct. 17, 2016 at 9:01 PM AKDT
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The year was 1964.

It was the first and only time Alaska has ever gone blue in a presidential election voting for Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson.

But could Alaska’s red state run be coming to an end?

Recent polls in Alaska show Hillary Clinton inching closer to front-runner Donald Trump. In some, his lead in the state has disappeared to within the margin of error.

“We are a battle ground state,” said pollster Ivan Moore. “Who knew?”

“It’s never been this close before, not while I’ve been working here the last 25 years,” said Moore.

Moore’s polling firm,

shows Trump at 36.1 percent, Clinton at 30.6 percent and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at 17.9 percent.

“A lot of them don’t feel like they’ve got a choice, that’s where a lot of Gary Johnson’s votes came from,” said Moore.

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski released a poll showing Clinton behind Trump by just three percent.

Both Moore and Murkowski’s polling were released before the infamous Trump tape, where the presidential candidate is heard saying lewd comments about women. Since the leak of the video, Trump's polling across the country has declined.

The most recent poll provided by the Alaska Democratic Party shows Clinton only trailing by one percent.

“We’re very excited to see such a tight race,” said Kay Brown, the party’s executive director.

“As far as Alaska, we’ve been trending, we are an emerging state, we’ve been moving more and more towards a progressive outlook for a number of election cycles so I wouldn't be surprised to see us turn Alaska blue this year,” said Brown.

As for the state’s GOP, the party’s vice-chair isn’t too concerned.

Rick Whitbeck said come November Alaskans will vote for the party’s platform.

“What platform is best for Alaska? Is it an economic freedom, responsible development platform? Or is it an environmental lock em up police or a big tax and spend platform?” said Whitbeck.

Polling website,

also shows a very close race between the two candidates in Alaska but it also predicts Trump’s chances of winning the state are higher with 64.4 percent to Clinton’s 35.5 percent.