Cruise ship passengers dealing with grief following deadly float plane crash in Ketchikan

 Cruise passengers react to plane crash, KTUU
Cruise passengers react to plane crash, KTUU (KTUU)
Published: May. 14, 2019 at 9:28 PM AKDT
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Following a deadly float plane crash on Monday afternoon that left six people dead, passengers on-board the Royal Princess Cruise ship are dealing with grief as the boat continues on its scheduled route.

The passengers involved in the accident were on a flight-seeing excursion while the boat was docked in Ketchikan. KTUU spoke with some of the people who were on the boat when they heard the horrifying news.

“The Captain came on and said there had been an accident,” said cruise ship passenger, Diron Holt. “They were waiting to find out the conditions of the people that were injured, and that there were still people missing.”

The current number of fatalities has risen to six, with the Ketchikan Borough

24 hours later had been recovered.

“You mourn for the people that were on-board that lost family members,” Holt said. “I just want the families to know our prayers are with them.”

Passengers on the seven day cruise, which docked in Juneau early Tuesday morning, are said to be quiet and somber as they continue on their vacation. Princess Cruise line is offering grief counselors on the ship.

While the boat may have left the port, the incident has not left the minds of passengers. One woman says people are changing their plans in the wake of the tragedy.

“I know some people changed their excursions,” said Princess Cruise passenger, Jan Franks. “We did not. We’re going on a helicopter tour today, and we’re a little bit more apprehensive.”

It was a vacation of a lifetime for many that has left a somber feeling in the air.

“It’s just a group of 3,200 people being so grateful they weren’t involved,” said Franks, “and feeling so sad for those people and their families and friends.”

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