DATA VIZ: How much Alaska state employees made during fiscal year 2016

Published: May. 30, 2017 at 3:57 PM AKDT
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(App users, to view this interactive data visualization, follow this



Data is sourced from the Alaska State Department of Administration. It includes 17,140 Alaska state employees’ payrolls for the 2016 fiscal year.

According to Alaska’s DOA, fiscal year

gross pay

does not necessarily equal the sum of fiscal year

regular pay


overtime pay


"Gross has many other types of pay in it, such as electronic allowances and premium pays," says Department of Administration spokesperson Minta Montalbo. "We do not report on those individual items."

Check out the

first tab

of the interactive data visualization, above, to:

- Compare the gross pay and overtime pay of

Unique IDs

- individual employees' payrolls.

- Examine the payroll records for 2016 fiscal year gross, overtime, employer benefits and regular pay.

Check out the

second tab

of the interactive data visualization, above, to:

- Compare payroll


, across different departments and hire-types.


On June 1, thousands of government workers will receive 30-day layoff warnings, because Alaska’s legislators have not yet agreed on a spending plan to address the state’s $2.62 billion budget deficit.

While lawmakers continue to work well past the 90-day voter approved session and 121-day constitutional limit, approximately 18,000 pink slip notices will be delivered to state employees, on Thursday.

Furthermore, the legislature’s special session costs roughly $30,000, per day.

According to Alaska’s Department of Administration, if state lawmakers do not finalize a budget by July 1, then state worker layoffs will be effective July 4.

Above is an interactive data visualization of what all 17,140 state employees made, during the 2016 fiscal year, by departments and hire-types. Use it to examine what types of employees made the greatest, and least, amounts of income, during this time.

Overall, Department of Transportation employees made the greatest amount of overtime, on average. Department of Environmental Conservation employees received that greatest amounts of employer benefits, on average. And Department of Law employees made the greatest amount of regular pay, on average.

Also, within the Governor’s Office, seven state employees had larger gross salaries than Governor Bill Walker – Unique ID No. 111.

Use the data visualization to see what positions these employees held, during fiscal year 2016.