Denali Park rangers investigating moose killing inside park

Published: Jun. 7, 2016 at 7:08 PM AKDT
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An adult cow moose with three-week-old calves was found shot dead inside Denali National Park Wednesday morning, the National Parks Service says.

The moose was discovered near the Denali Post office, NPS wrote in a press release. Park officials determined that it had been killed one or two days prior.

According to the Park Service, the moose’s calves are still in the area but are too mobile for wildlife officials to capture safely. Park staff will continue monitoring the calves and will attempt to capture them if they weaken. The calves will then be taken to a captive rearing facility.

The Park Service said the killing of a moose is a violation of state law, unless it is done in defense of life and property (DLP).

“Due to the method and circumstances of the shooting and the lack of a report, this event is suspected to be an illegal killing of park wildlife and not considered DLP, at this time,”

Park rangers are continuing the investigation.