Easy Park to push back start date for loading zone changes

Published: Feb. 3, 2020 at 10:25 PM AKST
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Easy Park is pumping the brakes on its

after a closed-door meeting Monday, but they're not so much stopping as they are slowing the process down to allow a little more time for businesses to prepare.

At the meeting, Easy Park and some affected businesses discussed the changes.

“There was probably about 16 hoteliers, tour bus operators, tour companies," said Andrew Halcro, Executive Director of the Anchorage Community Development Authority, which oversees Easy Park in Anchorage.

But Russ Reno, the owner of Anchorage Downtown Tour Group, worried that many others were left outside.

“My main concern is that there's so many independent tour companies in town, and tour drivers, that pay huge amounts of fees to the city already for curbside service, so why aren't we at the table?" He asked.

He said the new fee would hurt the smaller tour companies around town.

“We've probably got 50, 60, maybe even more independents downtown,” he said. “And we can't afford $300 per spot, to buy our own place to park downtown."

But Levi Connally, the owner of Alaska Tent City Tours is less concerned. He uses parking meters already.

“I'm not here long enough,” he said, “I'm here to pick people up and drop people off. I'm not too worried about what they’re doing with the parking meters."

Either way, it'll be a little bit longer before any changes happen.

“Within a week, Easy Park is going to notify the hotels of an action plan, and that action plan will probably involve pushing back that March 1 deadline," he said.

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