Enforcement procedures for quarantine mandate for travelers in development

Published: Mar. 27, 2020 at 1:51 PM AKDT
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On Monday, Governor Dunleavy announced

for anyone who enters the state. As the situation continues to be monitored, the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management confirm that enforcement of the mandate is still being worked on by Unified Command.

Upon arrival to Alaska, travelers are asked to fill out a

to be submitted to the state. It instructs travelers to fill out the form with information on where they've been and where they intend to quarantine themselves.

Furthermore, it states that anyone who breaks quarantine is subject to a $25,000 and a possible year of jail time.

According to Jeremy Zidek, public information officer with the Division, the compliance of the mandate is voluntary based as of 1 p.m. Friday, March 27th.

"These mandates are still relatively new and we want to establish the mechanism for people to comply before we start taking actions for enforcement," Zidek said.

That means, for now, there aren't any government agencies that will be checking in on the people who are filling out the form or handing out that hefty fine. However, Zidek said that those methods are being developed.

While the state continues working on enforcement, Zidek reminds the importance of following the guidelines for the sake of Alaska's public safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

When the mandate was first announced, the only option travelers had was filling out the form at the airport. An online version was developed on Friday.

"We understand that some travelers might not want to stop and fill out those forms in person," he said.

Businesses with workers traveling into the state are required to submit a quarantine plan for their employees as well according to Zidek.

He said there is also a system for residents to report people not complying with the mandate. Those can be sent to

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