Former Chair of ML&P Commission steps down over transparency concerns

Published: Feb. 19, 2018 at 5:10 PM AKST
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The Chair of the ML&P Commission says a lack of transparency led to her resignation. Judy Brady says she stepped down in January because the Anchorage public is not being given all the information it needs to make an educated vote on a $1 billion acquisition deal between Chugach Electric and Municipal Light & Power. The agreement would allow Chugach to buy out the city utility, which includes paying off ML&P's more than $500 million worth of debt.

"I resigned for a process reason. I wrote a letter to the Mayor and spoke with him personally, and I am very much in support of whether Chugach and ML&P should merge in some way or one buy the other,” Brady told Channel 2 on Monday. "We've looked at this very seriously. I had several assembly people say, 'Well if you knew what I knew, you'd be comfortable.' Well, I don't know what they know, and neither does anyone else," said Brady.

Channel 2 News tried to contact both Chugach and ML&P Monday. ML&P referred Channel 2 News to the Mayor's Office, but both the municipality and Chugach offices were closed for the Presidents’ Day holiday. The Anchorage citywide election, which also includes the Mayor's race, takes place by mail for the first time this year. The deadline to vote is April 3.