Greenhouse theft; co-op garden veggies stolen

Published: Jul. 25, 2017 at 3:24 PM AKDT
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Lavon Shearer Ihrig, and two of her friends, had big plans for the cute, little greenhouse that they were sharing near Wasilla.

"We had hoped, if it did well this year, we were going to expand it and have more friends kind of, you know, have a co-cop garden here," Ihrig said.

But last Friday, Ihrig noticed the greenhouse door wasn't closed all the way. When she investigated, she found that the plants were there, but all of the vegetables were gone.

"All of them were gone," Ihrig said. "And by the time I got to the cumbers and the peppers, I was just in tears. I was just like, 'Wow... it's all gone.'"

Ihrig knows other people have been victims of far more serious crimes. But even so, she sees the theft of their vegetables as a violation of their peace and privacy.

"I was so mad," she said. "I was angry. I just couldn't fathom who would do that."

When asked what she wanted to say to the thief, Ihrig replied, "You stole the fruits of our labor - a lot of labor. A lot of people put a lot of time putting together this greenhouse. We had plans for the future to expand it and have more friends start gardening, (but) we're at the point where if this keeps happening, is it worth it?"

Ihrig says a security camera is not monitoring the property 24-hours a day.

"You kinda don't think your vegetables would get robbed," she said. "But yeah, they were. And so apparently, even our greenhouses are no longer safe."