WATCH: Brown bear races car down road in South Anchorage

 Bear races car (Courtesy Danika Donnelly)
Bear races car (Courtesy Danika Donnelly) (KTUU)
Published: Sep. 5, 2018 at 2:41 PM AKDT
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A grizzly bear was captured on camera keeping pace with a car driving down a South Anchorage road Wednesday morning.

Danika Donnelly says the moment happened early Wednesday morning as she was winding her way through the Goldenview neighborhood to avoid morning traffic on Rabbit Creek Road.

As she was driving, a shadow caught her eye that she first thought was a bird, but a second glance revealed something altogether more unusual.

"It was a little bit bigger than a bird," Donnelly said of the running bear, which kept pace with her car as she drove around 30 mph.

Donnelly, who lives in Girdwood, says she's no stranger to wildlife, with frequent sightings of black bears in her neck of the woods.

"It was way too big to be a black bear," Donnelly said, describing her view of the large paws and facial features characteristic of a grizzly. "It looked happy. It looked right at me and just kept running."

Donnelly says she doesn't know where the bear went after it's seen peeling off down a driveway, and wasn't willing to tempt fate to find out.