Happy National One-Hit Wonder Day!

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Cropped Photo: Courtesy: USMC
Image License Cropped Photo: Courtesy: USMC(WEAU)
Published: Sep. 25, 2019 at 8:16 AM AKDT
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Stardom can be fleeting and sometimes bands and artists burst onto the scene so brightly that they just cannot sustain that level for very long. They release a song, it tops the charts, and then just as quickly as they arrived they seemingly disappear into the ether of the recording industry.

They are One-Hit Wonders, and today is their day.

It's National One-Hit Wonder Day, when we take a moment to appreciate those members of the musical world who gave us some of our biggest hits, even if we often struggle to remember their names.

While yes, technically you can be a One Hit Wonder in virtually any industry when we think of the term we generally think of music, which is why we've created a playlist of our favorite One Hit Wonders to celebrate the day.

You can listen and subscribe on Spotify. Apologies to Google for all the "whatever happened to ______" searching they'll be fielding today.

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