Got some fresh halibut on your hands? Here's one way you can eat it

Published: May. 18, 2016 at 9:26 AM AKDT
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Channel 2's Sports Anchor, Kari Bustamante is pretty busy these days working on the Fishing Report.

Don't feel bad for her.

Seriously, her fridge is loaded with halibut, salmon and all kinds of other wonderful things from the sea by the time summer gets going.

The major benefit to this gig is that she's always trying new recipes. I recently stopped by for lunch and she made halibut sashimi. You only need three things: halibut, Ponzu sauce and jalapenos.

She sliced the halibut as thinly as possible, into bite sized pieces, going with the grain. Topped it with slivers of jalapenos and drizzled everything with the Ponzu sauce, which tastes a little more lemony than soy sauce.

Kari recommends serving halibut sashimi as an appetizer with either white wine or a spicy margarita. Here's everything you need:

1. Cold is key. The fish should be stored, wrapped in cling wrap, sealed and in the fridge.

2. Take the skin off

3. Handle raw fish carefully and don't let it dry out.

4. The only tool you need is a really sharp knife.



Ponzu sauce (it's sold near the soy sauce at most grocery stores)