Hilcorp stops leak at underwater natural gas pipeline in Cook Inlet

Published: Apr. 14, 2017 at 3:58 PM AKDT
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An underwater natural gas pipeline in Cook Inlet has been repaired after a leak was discovered on Feb. 7, according to a Friday statement by Hilcorp Alaska.

dive crews were finally able to begin working on the pipeline on April 8. Hilcorp says the repairs were completed Thursday night.

“A total of 12 dives were completed on the fuel gas line in order to locate the leak, then properly position, stabilize and prepare the pipeline for repair,” Hilcorp wrote.

Divers covered the breach, which was about two inches in size, using a rubber and steel clamp, which Hilcorp says will assure “a gas tight, liquid tight seal that will reinforce the pipeline.”

“Now that the leak has been stopped, over the next several days, as weather permits, further inspection and stabilization of both the oil and gas pipelines in Middle Ground Shoal will be completed,” Hilcorp said. “Neither pipeline will be returned to regular service until Hilcorp, along with state and federal regulators, agree it is safe to do so.”

Hilcorp: Investigation into oil leak near Anna Platform still ongoing

Meanwhile, Hilcorp on Monday said the investigation into

is still ongoing.

Responders initially suspected the source of that leak to be an underwater crude pipeline running between the two platforms. However, recent dive inspections and a hydrostatic test of the pipeline have revealed that is not the case, Hilcorp says.

“The pipeline was tested for 8 hours reaching a maximum pressure of approximately 430 psi, which is 125% of the pipeline’s maximum operating pressure. The pipeline held pressure throughout the test, meaning the pipeline is in good working order,” the company wrote in a statement.