Hip-Hop and Classical influences merge in Black Violin sound

Published: Nov. 2, 2018 at 8:07 AM AKDT
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Taking inspiration from the old and blending it with the new for a completely modern sound — Florida-based Black Violin

on Friday night.

This is the third time the group, which is comprised of four members, has visited the 49th state.

"What they've created is very new and different. They've only been doing it for about a decade, when I'm out looking for shows I don't see many people doing this at all. There's nothing very similar," said Lainie Dreas, Executive Director for the Alaska Junior Theater.

Armed with a violin, viola, drum kit, and DJ, Black Violin is currently on its "Classical Boom Tour."

Two of the band's Anchorage performances were for about 4,000 students from Anchorage and the Mat-Su.

"It was super amazing," Xaden Kaiser said after the Thursday performance, "I would love to go to it again."

Dreas said Black Violin performed for the first time in Alaska in 2009 with an encore in 2014. Each time, bringing their music and a message for the audience. Dreas said the first two visits focused on hard work and choosing something one loves and crafting it into something new and different.

"Now it's very much about fighting stereotypes and dreaming about what you want to be in the world and making that happen so there message changes a little bit every time they come. It's really great for kids, especially in the world today to have that much optimism put into music," she said.

Black Violin "has partnered with the National Association for Music Manufacturers (NAMM) to continue their advocacy for accessible music education," according to the AKJT website. The musicians partnered with a small group of Anchorage Orchestra students for a workshop and have incorporated the young performers into the Finale of the evening shows.

The group is scheduled to perform in the Interior at the Hering Auditorium in Fairbanks Saturday night.

KTUU photojournalist Shawn Wilson contributed to this report.