Horseback 'promposal' takes stage at South High

South High student Kevin Lubin "promposed" to his girlfriend Kya from atop...
South High student Kevin Lubin "promposed" to his girlfriend Kya from atop his horse, Banjo, Thursday afternoon in South Anchorage. (KTUU)
Published: Mar. 29, 2018 at 6:00 PM AKDT
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Students at South High School saw an unusual sight Thursday afternoon – a student on horseback. It was one of this year’s “prom-posals,” an elaborate, and usually public, invitation to go to the school’s prom.

Thursday it was Kevin Lubin atop the horse – he had a friend hold a sign asking: “Kya, Prom? Yay or neigh?”

Why on horseback? Lubin has been riding horses “forever,” he says, “and Kya seems to really like Banjo, so I thought it was a good combo.”

“I knew that it had to be something big, I mean, Kya’s really important to me, so I wanted to make something big for her, and I had multiple ideas, I thought maybe I could have a funny ask-out, a boring ask-out,” he paused as passersby shouted their approval. “I thought: I have a horse, I have someone to help me, why not get a sign out here and bring him to school.”

Lubin’s girlfriend Kya Etheredge, said it was easy to say yes. “It was so cool just driving up and seeing him on his horse with all his friends. It was just so sweet,” she said. “And yeah, I said ‘yeah’.”

"Horses: They're the best wingmen," Lubin said, grateful that the public invitation was welcomed by his girlfriend.

Banjo, the silent star of the show, is 7 years old, and Lubin says he’s had the horse since Banjo was about 4 years old. He tried to eat the bouquet of roses Lubin had given to Etheredge.

The South High School prom is April 14, the pair said. They haven’t yet decided if they’ll ride Banjo to the dance.

Channel 2 photojournalist Phil Walczak contributed to this story.