Bus riders can now use mobile app to pay their way around town

Published: Dec. 15, 2017 at 3:58 PM AKST
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On a cold, overcast day, Jared Peltola is again waiting for the bus at the intersection of Alumni and Providence Drive.

"I can't really afford getting like a monthly pass, so I find myself having to be paying for the day pass every day. So that's five dollars every single day," said Peltola.

As an everyday bus rider, Peltola tries to make sure he has at least a couple bucks on hand so he can board a bus. If he doesn't have cash, he can't get on. But on Friday, the Anchorage Public Transportation Department launched a new digital People Mover mTicket app for smart phones -- something Jared never forgets to leave home without.

"I have my phone every single day," said Peltola.

The new People Mover mTicket app allows everyday riders like Peltola to buy tickets on their phone, track buses in real-time, and have access to the entire Public Transportation website in the palm of their hands. The Department's Planning Manager Bart Rudolph says there's really no need to have physical tickets anymore.

Rudolph explains that when you first open the app, there are three options: to buy tickets, see tickets you've already bought, or check out "trip tools," which shows things like where the bus is.

If you buy a ticket, you can get a single ride, a day pass, or a weekly or monthly pass.

You can find the app in any app store for no charge. Rudolph believes that this new payment system will only make it easier for passengers like Peltola to get a ride around town.

The Muni's public transportation department says it provides an average 11,000 rides per day around the city.http://www.muni.org/departments/transit/peoplemover/Pages/default.aspx