It's official, ERHS students debut new Wolf Den Drive signs for the road leading to their school

Published: May. 14, 2020 at 8:56 AM AKDT
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The complicated world of local politics is filled with red tape and confusion. Something as simple as getting the name of a road changed can take months of time, effort, and follow-through. Fortunately for the students of Eagle River High School, the seniors in their student government have all three.

"What we did was not just rename the street to our school but together we renamed the road to the future." Pronounced student government member Bella Johnston at a small gathering in front of the school Wednesday.

What started out as an ambitious school project months ago has now become official. A plan posed as part of a class assignment was then followed up on by the seniors who wanted to rename the road leading to their school as part of the 12th grader's senior gift. For the Wolves, the previous name of the road, Yosemite, didn't mean anything to the students there. Wolf Den Drive, on the other hand, was something that students could identify with and be proud of.

"I just felt so happy that we finally got it done. It was a long process but it's really rewarding." Said Johnston.

"I was jittery, I was like why am I shaking so much and then I saw them changing out one of the signs for the other. I was like I did that, that's cool, all my friends and I." Said student body president Hendrikje Bondine.

Despite having to wear masks and attempting to keep proper social distance it was a day of celebration at the school. Though, while certainly a great moment, originally something much bigger had been scheduled for this date.

"It was supposed to be our graduation, which is sad at the same time but I still got to do something with my teachers and the superintendent, and some of my fellow graduates so I'm glad something gets to go on today." Said Bodine.

Though the pomp and circumstance may have bee limited there was still some star power. Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz was on hand and he spoke to the students.

"I'm here to say thank you, I am here to say good luck, and I'm here to say I want to see what you achieve tomorrow." Said the mayor.

Also addressing the students was Anchorage Assemblymember Christopher Constant. Though his constituency is in downtown Anchorage he helped play a key role for the students of this Eagle River school, aiding them in the process of governmental change.

In his speech, the assemblyman expressed what this accomplishment should mean to future classes of students. "They've given them proof positive, they as citizens of this community, the residents of this town, can in fact change their community."

What's next for this impressive group of seniors if for the fates to decide. However, it likely wouldn't surprise anyone if years from now one of them were making their way down Wolf Den Drive to preside over a similar event as a politician, a teacher, or even a parent.

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