Fairview business pulls up stakes because of crime near Black Angus Inn

Published: Nov. 20, 2018 at 2:43 PM AKST
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Violence and drug crime has gotten so bad at and around the Black Angus Inn on Gambell St. that at least one business owner says he's moving his shop to midtown to get away from it all

Standing near a broken window that someone smashed with a rock, the owner of electronic repair shop High Frequency, located across the street from the hotel, said he's had enough.

"It's time for a change, which is unfortunate because it impacts us," Joe Donahue said.

The shop has been in the same location for about 10 years, but Donahue says his customers have become increasingly more uncomfortable by the location.

"We've had, I don't know how many shootings," Donahue said, "and that's just across the street, so it's too close for comfort."

Channel 2 requested all the calls to the Black Angus Inn in the last year. Anchorage Police responded with a 22-page spreadsheet listing hundreds of calls.

There were 20 theft calls, 106 trespass calls, and almost 200 calls for disturbances listing the Black Angus Inn as the location. Since Jan. 1, 2018, there have been three shootings at Black Angus according to APD.

Police caution that just because the address of the Black Angus was listed on the call does not necessarily mean the business itself, or the people inside it, were involved.

Chris Constant, who represents the area of town where the Black Angus is located, says he constantly gets text messages from people about incidents that draw a police presence to the hotel.

"The Black Angus is actually a little special because it's become not only a place that is filled with rodents and pests and all kinds of horrors, and people shooting-up drugs outside the windows, but also now murders and assaults happening with such frequency that it is becoming a real hot spot for crime," Constant said. "Very scary and dangerous."

The homicide to which Constant is referring is the killing of James Page, Jr. who was found dead at he Black Angus Inn in early November.

On Tuesday, Anchorage police sent out suspect information involving the man accused of pulling the trigger and shooting another woman in the motel's parking lot over the weekend.

Carlos Holt III, 53, was identified as the suspect in the shooting investigation. He later turned himself in. In a warrant issued for his arrest, Holt faces charges of assault and misconduct involving a weapon.

Holt reportedly turned himself in to police late Tuesday afternoon, but the violence, drugs, and bed bugs remain.

"It's probably the worst part of Anchorage at this time," Constant said.

When a reporter went to the lobby of the hotel and asked to speak with the owner on Tuesday, he refused to come to the front desk.