Roadtrippin’: RV style! Jackie Purcell brings you along on our first adventure

Published: Jul. 5, 2020 at 11:55 PM AKDT
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Channel 2 is on the road this summer, on a series of road trips across the 49th state. For this series, our crews will give you an idea of how you can get outdoors.

I have never driven an RV before but I took on the challenge in a road trip to Glacier View, some 109 miles N-NE of Anchorage.

Great Alaskan Holidays says much of its business is from Alaska residents this year. Bob Johnson, marketing director, says last year, customers came from 56 different countries. Alaskans are giving RV-ing a try and the feedback is positive.

"It really gives us some solid family time together that's quite frankly was uninterrupted by all the outside messages that we get on any typical day."

A 24-foot RV is our choice for this 3-day trek to an area of the state that is scenic. Businesses that depend on tourism are seeing the coronavirus eat away at needed revenue.

Grand View RV Park and Cafe is 109 miles from Anchorage. This is the first season of business as a new owner for Mark and Nancy Parsons.

"It's been difficult, but then you step outside and see where you're at, and it's just beautiful."

All their international reservations were canceled, as were most of the Lower 48 reservations. Now, most of the people staying at the park are from in-state. The primary activity scheduled for this road trip was a trek on the Matanuska Glacier.

The terminus of the glacier is where we started our hike with Matanuska Glacier Adventures. It is a magnificent sight with spires of ice rising several stories into the summer sky.

Bill Stevenson runs Matanuska Glacier Park and says the season is seeing an unprecedented drop.

"Cancellations are running about 95%. Alaskans are 90% of the business now, no probably 95%, no they're 100% of the business."

Some 15 different businesses work out of the park, and Stevenson says they're all feeling the pinch. This is where Alaskans can help, by getting out and supporting these companies that provide the activities that many summer tourists would be doing otherwise.

The Sheep Mountain, Glacier View, King Mountain and further east to Lake Louise are all areas of the state worth exploring this summer.

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