Roadtrippin’: Getting to Seldovia is part of the fun

Published: May. 29, 2018 at 3:51 PM AKDT
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When heading to Seldovia, getting there is part of the fun. There are only two ways to go—air or water.

We made the drive to Homer and hopped onboard Mako’s Water Taxi to Jakolof Bay. Capt. Lance Haggerty has been making the trip for about 11 years and seems to enjoy his job.

“I always enjoy those first morning trips, fresh cup of coffee, flat calm waters, sunshine shining on your back, on your face,” Haggerty says. "(The) mountains get all lit up. It's a pretty beautiful spot down here in Kachemak Bay.”

It’s only a 30-minute ride to Jakolof Bay, but that doesn’t get you to Seldovia proper.

There's a 10-mile dirt road into Seldovia.

Mako’s will call you a cab as you leave Homer, so we when arrived at Jakolof Bay, we were met by Perley Morrison with Halo Cab to take us into town. The road winds through a beautiful forest with some amazing views.

We knew we didn’t have a lot of time in Seldovia, but we’d been told by several people we needed to hike the Otterbahn. It’s a fairly easy hike, about 1.5 miles each way. The trail begins behind the school and winds through a forest of trees, ferns and lots of devil’s club. The well-maintained path leads you across some marshland and to the beach.

If you time it right and arrive at low tide, you can walk over to Outside Beach. There are other trails that lead off from the beach that allow hikers to take in the view from the cliffs.

There were a few ups and downs but overall, the Otterbahn is a fairly easy walk and definitely worth the trip.