Large paint spill closes two lanes of traffic in busy intersection

Workers rush to clean the large paint spill at the Dimond and Old Seward intersection. Photo...
Workers rush to clean the large paint spill at the Dimond and Old Seward intersection. Photo by Mike Nederbrock / KTUU. (KTUU)
Published: Jun. 23, 2017 at 11:17 AM AKDT
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A local painting company lost its load after a strap holding back dozens of paint drums failed. The resulting mess was still being cleaned up as traffic was diverted around the large paint spill.

DAMA Industrial, which describes itself as a "specialized painting, coating, and lining company" on its website, had a truck in transit on the Old Seward Highway Friday morning, laden with epoxy paint.

The truck reportedly had two pallets of paint buckets in its bed and a strap broke while the truck made a right turn. The buckets then crashed onto the street and sidewalk, closing lanes of traffic as cars avoided driving through the paint.

An employee on the scene told Channel 2 that there was an estimated 30 to 50 buckets spilled.

Anchorage Police Department arrived on the scene just after 9 a.m. and sent units to help divert traffic away from the spill.

Anchorage Fire Department similarly responded, however they intervene only if there is a health or safety concern, such as if the substance spilled were hazardous or if it reached the drainage system.

Alex Boyd, assistant chief with AFD, said that neither of those were the case with the paint spill, and that the responding crews turned over the cleanup to DAMA.

A receptionist at the painting company said she had been out on an errand when the spill took place, and once she returned to the office, everyone had left to help clean up the mess.