Local bakery celebrates 6th anniversary with massive cinnamon roll

Published: Feb. 4, 2017 at 3:39 PM AKST
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It's not a world record, but it is a massive treat of an anniversary celebration.

House of Bread in Anchorage baked up a huge cinnamon roll in honor of the bakery's 6th anniversary.

Bakery Manager Carson Baldiviez said the cinnamon roll started coming together at 7 a.m. Saturday morning, beginning with 80 pounds of dough.

"We kind of roll it up in regular cinnamon rolls, and then just build it piece by piece all the way around," he said. "Tons of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon."

Separated into pieces, the colossal cinnamon roll spent an hour and a half in the oven. It's estimated to weigh about 115 pounds.

"For our grand opening, we just did one layer, and then every year it just seems to get taller and taller," Baldiviez said, "and just kind of massive. Just way bigger."

He said getting the roll into its proper form is the more difficult part.

"Making it round is the hardest part, because it's so big, but we've gotten better at placing it on the sheet pan the way that we want to make it," he said. "As it cooks, it grows quite large, so we have to control the way we place it on the sheet."

The trick is to get weights of each layer right, especially since the hope is to make one - a bigger one - every year.

"Everything about a fresh cinnamon roll just reminds everyone of home, or like, the weekend ,or grandma's house," Baldiviez said. "It's a good thing. Nothing's better than a fresh cinnamon roll."

The Guinness World Record Book shows the record for the largest cinnamon roll is 609 pounds and was achieved by Second Floor Bakery in Holland, Mich., in 2013.