Local businesses partner to bring blooms to your doorstep

Published: Apr. 19, 2020 at 3:25 PM AKDT
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It's nearing that time when everyone's looking to get their gardening tools out and prepare their yards for beautiful summer blooms, but coronavirus mandates are making it a bit difficult.

Alaska Mill & Feed has more than the normal seasonal demand for supplies and seeds in preparation for spring planting, but has had to limit the number of customers allowed in the store to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"The garden center is usually just amassed with flowers and people, and that's really hard for people to fight that need and desire to come down and immerse themselves in that," said Kimberly McCourtney with Alaska Mill and Feed.

That's why Alaska Mill and Feed has partnered with Salmon Berry Tours to make sure those with green thumbs get their gardening goods safely.

"By working with Salmon Berry tours, we're keeping another local business going, and we're really encouraging people to stay at home and allow us to deliver goods to them," said McCourtney.

This week, for Salmon Berry Tours, would normally be training week-- preparing employees for the summer season. Since it looks as though the summer season isn't shaping up to be what it normally is, the tour company is taking another route to stay in business.

"We are charging a deliver fee," said Salmon Berry Tours co-owner, Candice McDonald-Lotyk. "We're just trying to keep our own local business going, but I also feel that it helps more people stay home. So even though my drivers need to go out and about to accomplish these things, overall more people can stay home and still get the things that they want and need."

The group isn't just delivering gardening supplies. McCourtney says if Alaska Mill & Feed has it, it can be brought to your doorstep.

"What we've seen from customers is that there's also a need for their dog food, and their chicken feed, and potting soil, so right now everything is available," said McCourtney. "So if you call us and we have it, we're happy to load it into those vans and get it home to you."

Alaska Mill and Feed says the plants are ready for planting. You can find an updated list on their

. You can also place orders over the phone.

Video by Channel 2 photojournalist Phil Walczak.
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