MAP: See how 2018 Anchorage homicides compare to past deadly years

Homicide investigation (Courtesy: MGN Online)
Homicide investigation (Courtesy: MGN Online)(KNOE)
Published: May. 23, 2017 at 4:29 PM AKDT
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Use this interactive map to compare where 2018, 2017 and 2016 homicide incidents took place across Anchorage, as of

May 30, 2018


(App users, to view this interactive data visualization, follow this



Data is sourced from the Anchorage Police Department and Channel 2 KTUU Archives.

APD's homicide numbers include citizen versus citizen incidents, only. Excluded from this map are officer versus citizen incidents.

Additionally, fatality collisions and fatal hit-and-runs aren’t considered homicides by the FBI. This is because police typically don't have sufficient evidence to confirm intention; hence, they are not included in Anchorage's homicide count.

Blue = Arrests/Charges Made

Red = No Arrests/Charges Made

Purple = Arrests/Charges Not Applicable


In the first few moments after midnight in 2018,

. And as of

May 30, 2018

, the Anchorage Police Department confirms seven homicide victims and seven incident counts.

Looking at a year-to-date comparison, there were 16 homicide victims and 14 incident counts in 2017. And in 2016 YTD, there were 10 homicide victims and eight incident counts.

Compared to all of 2017, Anchorage authorities counted a total of 36 homicide victims and 32 incidents. Of these homicides, Alaska State Troopers believe one victim,

, was killed in Anchorage. Additionally, another victim that sustained a gunshot wound to the head on Dec. 30, 2017,

on Jan. 15, 2018. This brought the municipality's total homicide victims to record 36, which surpasses last year's numbers.

Throughout all of 2016, there were a total of 34 homicide victims and 29 incidents. Before having its record beat out by 2017, APD statistics indicate that


In 2016, Anchorage's deadliest month was July, at nine homicide victims and eight incidents. Police say they have enough evidence to identify James Dale Ritchie as the gunman to three of these July homicide victims and two incidents.

Looking back at 2017, Anchorage's deadliest month was August, at six homicide victims and six incidents. Other months that year, with notably high death tolls, include February and September.

In February 2017, there were five homicide victims and three incidents. This is largely in part due to the fatal Royal Suite Lodge fire, which killed three people, injured dozens more and displaced roughly 70 individuals.

And in September 2017, there were also five homicide victims and three incidents. That month, Anchorage police confirmed a triple-homicide case at The Bullion Brothers jewelry store.