Man found guilty of hijacking truck from Costco parking lot, crashing it into a tree

Published: Feb. 22, 2018 at 8:08 AM AKST
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Over a year after the event, a jury in Anchorage returned a guilty verdict for a man who allegedly tried to hijack and drive off in a truck, idling in a supermarket parking lot, with the owner still halfway inside the vehicle.

According to officials within the District Attorney's office, Stuart Sinyon, 32, was convicted of first and second degree robbery, as well as first degree vehicle theft, after a guilty plea in the four day trial.

Sinyon's crimes date back to Jan. 16, 2017, when he got into a truck belonging to another man. The cab was open as the man was loading groceries into it in the DeBarr Costco parking lot.

Sinyon drove away with the man halfway in the passenger side of the car, trying to stop the theft. Sinyon then threatened to shoot him, prosecutors say.

In addition to the truck's owner hanging off the side of the vehicle, his friend, who was helping load groceries into the truck bed, was hanging on to the tailgate.

Sinyon's grand theft auto joyride didn't make it very car, however, as after trying to speed away, the DA said he crashed the truck into a tree in the Costco parking lot. He was then arrested.

Though Sinyon was found guilty, he will not be sentenced until July.