Man sentenced for beating mother's boyfriend to death

Published: Oct. 30, 2017 at 6:04 PM AKDT
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A young man will serve five years in prison for beating his mother’s boyfriend to death earlier this year.

Elliot Myas, 23, was sentenced to nine years with four suspended after

in the beating death of 50-year-old Luke Flanagan at the Econo Inn in January. It was


The two were in a room at the hotel with other people watching football. Flanagan said something about Myas’s mother, and after he fell asleep, Myas beat him.

Monday in court, prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed that the facts of the case would have been difficult to sort out in trial – of the witnesses in the room, one was passed out drunk the entire time, and one was passed out part of the time.

Myas’s attorney, Regan Williams, said Myas and the others in the room didn’t know the extent of Flanagan’s injuries until they woke up the next morning, thinking he had just passed out from drinking as had happened before.

Myas addressed the court briefly. “I apologize to Luke’s family, and also to my mother. These weren’t my intentions, and I’ve been really thinking about signing up for (alcohol) treatment after I’m done with my sentencing,” he said.

Judge Jack Smith required that of him, ordering him into substance abuse treatment, along with an anger management program that’s approved by the Department of Corrections.

“I do think this sentence will hopefully work to deter the defendant, to some degree. He’s got four years hanging over his head – he could get any or all of that if he violates the terms of probation,” Smith said.