Man tattoos the northern lights on his head

Published: Aug. 20, 2017 at 11:18 AM AKDT
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It’s a rare sight. The Aurora Borealis attracts its fair share of winter astrologers. Some take pictures, others paint portraits, but after gazing up at the night sky, one man chose a unique way to express his newfound love for one of Alaska’s exclusive attractions.

Eddy Beard says it took about 17 hours to tattoo the northern lights on his head, but he says the process was more of a spiritual journey.

“I feel like the Holy Spirit led me to that tattoo parlor,” Beard said. “Years ago I was really captivated by the Aurora, and it just grabbed a hold of me.”

Danielle White, with Primal Instinct Tattoo, gave beard the tattoo. She has experience tattooing the northern lights but this was her first full head piece.

Beard says he moved to Talkeetna to get a better view of what he calls God’s craftsmanship. After struggling with addiction he says it was faith that saved him.

“If somebody comes and comments on it and I don’t use that opportunity to tell them a little about Jesus and how he has helped remove my cocaine addiction, then I feel like I’ve wasted that opportunity.”

Eddy Beard says he would like to share his story with those inside the prison system with the hopes of helping inmates transition into a successful life outside of it.