Marijuana control board to revisit on-site pot consumption in July

Published: Jun. 26, 2017 at 7:51 AM AKDT
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The Alaska Marijuana Control Board will discuss three different options for on-site marijuana consumption proposed by board members at its next meeting.

The Alaska Journal of Commerce reports the board will meet July 11-14 in Fairbanks, to discuss proposals by board member Loren Jones, Solodtna Police Chief and board Chair Peter Mlynarik, and member Brandon Emmett.

Jones' proposal is it is legal only to try marijuana or a marijuana product at an establishment and then leave.

Mlynarik's proposal is it is legal to eat cannabis products such as candy, cookies, brownies, etc., but a consumer cannot "inhale" or smoke marijuana on the premises.

Emmett's proposal is it is legal to smoke and eat cannabis products at an establishment, but consuming marijuana not purchased at the location is prohibited.