Mayor, Police Chief talk about Turnagain Arm, red light enforcement

Published: Mar. 2, 2018 at 5:39 PM AKST
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Two of Anchorage's top officials took a digital approach to addressing community concerns during an online question and answer session.

On Friday, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Police Chief Justin Doll answered questions for half an hour. Both the mayor and police chief spent time discussing crime, police staffing, rehabilitation services, and even traffic enforcement.

Questions were solicited from Anchorage residents ahead of time. Not surprisingly, crime was a prominent topic. Both the mayor and chief say the city is working to address large and small crimes.

When asked about the number of drivers apparently ignoring red lights at intersections, Doll says he has a plan for that. "Something I'd like to do this year as our officers come out of training is expand the traffic unit...those are people that are just dedicated to traffic enforcement. They really have the time to go out and do red light enforcement."

There were also residents looking for updates on how a state-funded grant for $200,000 is helping officers patrol Turnagain Arm. Doll says there's a little money still left over that will be used to add officers to the stretch of highway during high traffic weekends.