DATA VIZ: Most stolen vehicles in Alaska

Published: Mar. 16, 2017 at 5:14 PM AKDT
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Past 30 Day

data is sourced from the Alaska Department of Public Safety.

Anchorage Bowl Recovery Rate

data is sourced from the Anchorage Police Department.

Ranked 2005 - 2013

data is sourced from the U.S. Insurance Agents, which sourced data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Alaska's DPS

Vehicle Hot Sheet

data was last updated at 6 a.m., on March 16. This list includes a total of 159 reported stolen vehicles, statewide; however, it does not include the make and model of 74 stolen vehicles.

Original Story:

Car thefts all across Anchorage are on the rise, and they are happening in all parts of town.

From Jan. 1, 2017 to March 16, 2017, Anchorage Police have filed 695 stolen vehicle reports. That's almost double the number of reports, during the same time in 2016.

In the vast majority of the recent cases, APD says the rise in crime is directly related to drug use, going on to say drug paraphernalia in commonly stolen cars.

To better your chances of not becoming a victim - no matter how cold it is - police say you should never leave your vehicle unattended, while the car is running.

"We're still having a significant problem with people leaving their unattended vehicles locked with the keys inside and running - unlocked and running," said Renee Oistad, APD spokesperson. "But even if people lock their vehicles, all that gets you is a stolen vehicle with a broken window."

Anchorage Police says 95 percent of cars stolen, within the municipality, are found.