National father daughter take a walk day

Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 7:53 AM AKDT
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National father-daughter day is a unique opportunity to promote and foster the special bond that fathers and daughters have.

Initially created as a way to both strengthen family relationships while also encouraging physical activity, this id a day that can be celebrated at any age.

There are no strict guidelines for the walk, no distance to hit. A short walk, a long walk, a hike, or even just a jaunt around the neighborhood are all good options. It is encouraged that participating fathers and daughters take the time to talk as they walk. Asking questions of one another along the way.

For further insight into this specific family dynamic, we spoke with Shawnmarie Carpenter, from Alaska Marriage and Family Therapy, about the impact a father can have on his daughter by taking the time to participate in her development.

"Acceptance, when dads just accept their daughter's hair color, skin color, their daughter size, it makes a huge impact on that little girl's self-esteem." Says Ms. Carpenter.

There is also another role that fathers tend to fill for their daughters and it can have a lasting effect on adulthood. "Dads are more likely to initiate physical play than moms. Not that moms don't, I remember the term roughhousing, no roughhousing, but dads would rough house. All that empowers little girls to feel like they can take risks and they can be bold and they can be aggressive and they can trust strength as really something good. Little girls that have that preadolescent roughhousing with dad end up doing some really wonderful things as grown women." Says Ms. Carpenter.

So if you have the time today may be the right day to take your daughter for a walk. If for some reason that's not possible, due to distance, perhaps health, or even Covid-19 concerns a good conversation is always another great option.

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