New law enforcement shooting range being built in Birchwood

Published: Jul. 26, 2017 at 7:24 PM AKDT
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A new shooting range is being built in Birchwood for regional law enforcement.

It’s called the Southcentral Law Enforcement Tactical Range and Training Facility and will have four different ranges; a 300 yard range, a 150 yard range and two 50 yard ranges.

Lt. Richard Henning with the Anchorage Police Department said currently officers use three separate ranges to meet training goals. With the addition of the new facility, public ranges will now be freed up.

“This is a more consistent training facility for us and more consistent venue,” said Henning. “It also helps out the public by opening up the other ranges that we have tied up in the past.”

From APD to FBI and Fish and Game, anyone who is a member of a law enforcement agency in the Southcentral Region will be able to use it.

“For the Anchorage Police Department we have in service training that regular officers that have been through the academy need to keep up on their skills whether it’s rifle, shot gun, pistol or whether it’s the swat team that needs to keep up with their specialized weapons,” said Henning.

The new range comes at a cost of $8.24 million, all paid by three state grants that specifically say the money has to be used for a regional training range, according to Henning who says the Birchwood Community Council has approved the construction of a new range.

Officials say they hope the new range will be ready for use by October.