'Not guilty' pleas for suspects in drug informant murder case, victim's mother blames SB91

Scotty Mataia appears in court on charges of murdering victim David Cargill. The other suspect...
Scotty Mataia appears in court on charges of murdering victim David Cargill. The other suspect in the case, Marquis Eloi, appeared by phone. Photo by KTUU photojournalist Eric Sowl. (KTUU)
Published: Nov. 23, 2018 at 1:48 PM AKST
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At a court hearing Friday, the two men charged with killing a confidential informant both entered not guilty pleas and were given a bail amount as charges in the case pile up.

The victim's mother, however, said the two shouldn't be allowed bail at all and blamed Senate Bill 91 - a controversial crime reform bill that took effect last year - for allowing the suspects the opportunity to murder her son.

Marquis Eloi, 38, and Scotty Mataia, 30, face multiple charges for

in an Anchorage Police Department Vice Unit investigation, who was found dead in October.

Friday, Mataia was read his charges in court, which included first degree murder, second degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, misconduct with a weapon, and misconduct involving a controlled substance.

Likewise, Eloi faces similar charges, including even more drug charges. Eloi was not in court Friday, but appeared telephonically. He entered a not guilty plea and Mataia, similarly, pleaded not guilty.

The case, as it stands against them, accuses the two men of killing Cargill in retaliation in connection with APD Vice-based drug stings, which implicated the two men in a drug conspiracy.

A criminal complaint regarding the arrest of Mataia and Eloi in the 66th Avenue business revealed that evidence was given to the attorneys representing the defendants, including audio and video evidence of Cargill’s undercover purchases of drugs and guns.

It showed that one of the defendants, Mataia, knew Cargill was the informant. Within days of the attorneys receiving the evidence, Cargill went missing. He was later found dead.

At the bail hearing Friday, the presiding judge set the bail for the charges to $100,000 cash performance. Cargill's mother, Deborah Cargill, who was in attendance, said that wasn't high enough, arguing instead that the two shouldn't be permitted any bail.

Deborah spoke out against the bail the judge set, saying, "Bail should be changed to no bail at all. These guys lured my son to their business and murdered him."

"They took his body out to the Eklutna Flats, dropped it off, and then had the nerve to come back. No, I feel no bail should be set for these two, they should not be out of jail, they got out on bail on SB91 the first time and now they've killed my son because they got out on SB91," Cargill said Friday.

The judge responded saying that the state attorneys could file that motion and advised her to speak with them. The next court date in this case, an evidence discovery hearing, is scheduled for early next month.