Oily water discovered near marine terminal in Valdez

 Oil spill at Valdez Marine Terminal, Monday April 13, 2020 (Courtesy Alyeska Pipeline)
Oil spill at Valdez Marine Terminal, Monday April 13, 2020 (Courtesy Alyeska Pipeline) (KTUU)
Published: Apr. 14, 2020 at 7:08 AM AKDT
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This story was updated April 16, 2020, with new information.

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company said that crews discovered a sheen on the water late Sunday near the marine terminal in Valdez, specifically, near the berth and its small boat harbor.

So far 654 barrels of oily water have been recovered.

The source of the spill has been identified as a sump located uphill from the VMT small boat harbor.

On the day of the spill, responders were on scene within an hour of discovering the oil, officials said. Some of the cleanup work includes deployment of sorbents sweeps, sausage boom and containment boom.

Mid-afternoon on Tuesday, it was announced that a unified command was established to facilitate the response to the ongoing incident at the Valdez Marine Terminal.

The group consists of representatives from Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, and the United States Coast Guard: Mike Day, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (Incident Commander), CDR Mike Franklin, USCG (Federal On-Scene Coordinator) and Crystal Smith, ADEC (State On-Scene Coordinator).

That Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation said the spill was reported to the department Sunday night. ADEC also said the oily water is a mixture of Alaska North Slope crude with water, and that the oil appeared to have traveled beneath the snow-covered surface, coming out near the head of Berth 4 into Port Valdez.

Oily water is being skimmed from a corralled 30-by-30-foot area inside the boom. The cause of the spill is under investigation but ADEC said early indicators suggest that the crude oil and water mixture was leaking from a sump that overflowed.

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