On site consumption discussions delayed until Marijuana Control Boards meeting in May

Marijuana graphic by MGN.
Marijuana graphic by MGN.(KOLO)
Published: Apr. 5, 2017 at 6:09 PM AKDT
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Discussions about onsite marijuana consumption have been delayed until next month, by Alaska marijuana regulators.

On Wednesday, the state’s Marijuana Control Board was expected to consider whether to move forward with proposed rules for allowing retail cannabis customers to consume their purchases on site.

It’s something that no other state that has legalized the recreational use of pot has allowed.

Instead, the board used its two day meeting to go through a backlog of license applications for manufacturing facilities and retail stores.

“They really wanted to focus on approved applications at this meeting, so people could get started with their businesses as we move into summer,” said Erika McConnell, director of the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Board. “On site consumption was kind of the big time consuming issue that they pushed until the end and then we ran out of time.”

McConnell said three proposals were put forth by three members of the board. She said those members will need to discuss all three and decide if they want to move forward with one of them.

The discussions about allowing customers to consume marijuana at business locations will most likely continue, after the May 15th meeting.

“If they do make a decision in May on one of the proposals put forth, then that will need to go out for public comment,” McConnell said.

However, there was still plenty that got accomplished during this month's meeting.

Thirteen new cultivation licenses were approved, as well as 16 new retail shops and two product manufacturing licenses.

Among one of those was the application for The High Expedition Co., which consumed a lot of time, due to callers voicing opposition towards opening a shop on Main Street, in Talkeetna.

The board approved the licenses on a 3-2 vote, after objections that a marijuana store on Main Street would damage the town’s historic nature.

Joe McAneney, the owner of The High Expedition Co., said that if all goes as planned the store will open on April 20.