2017 PFD announced on state's website

Published: Sep. 15, 2017 at 12:32 PM AKDT
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The 2017 permanent fund dividend will be $1,100 and it will be paid on October 5th.

The Alaska Department of Revenue Permanent Fund Dividend Division posted the amount on its

and administrative details about how to receive the check.

The low-key update upends a tradition where the governor or the commissioner of the Alaska Department of Revenue personally makes the announcement.

In the

this year, lawmakers did not include an additional appropriation to the PFD program in the Capital budget, meaning the $1,100 check was already confirmed.

In contrast, Governor Bill Walker vetoed the 2016 PFD, saying a smaller dividend was needed to ensure the PFD survived into the future.

Senator Bill Wielechowski, a democrat from Anchorage, says according to Alaska statute, the PFD amount this year was totaled incorrectly.

Wielechowski asked Governor Bill Walker today to put the question of enshrining the PFD in the Alaska Constitution to the people by adding it to the call of the upcoming special session.

"We have tried every means available legislatively and through the judicial branch to protect and preserve the permanent fund dividend for the people of Alaska. It's time to let the people decide," said Senator Wielechowski. "

Late last year, Wielechowski teamed up with two former state Republican lawmakers who helped design the PFD, the three men unsuccessfully sued Governor Walker over his veto to reduce the 2016 PFD amount.

KTUU spoke to Governor Walker's office in relation to this story and updated information accordingly. Walker's office wanted to remind the public that the Alaska Department of Revenue Commissioner has announced the PFD amount in the past and that Walker used his veto in 2016 to preserve the PFD into the future.