Peer Leader Navigators train to bring emergency information to diverse communities

Published: Oct. 20, 2019 at 3:21 PM AKDT
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In times of disaster, communication is key. That's why groups of people are being trained to make sure all Alaskans have access to emergency updates.

"No emergency manager can do anything alone. We need a whole group of people behind us helping support what we do, said Emergency Programs Manager, Audrey Gray. "The Peer Leader Navigators are going to help our entire community be more prepared for the next disaster that strikes our community. My hope is that even if we prepare ten more people, it's ten people that we are not going to have to worry about in the next disaster."

On Saturday, new Peer Leader Navigators from the Alaska Literacy Project were trained on how to take emergency preparedness information to their diverse communities in a way those communities can understand. They may help in explaining certain concepts so that people have a better understanding of resources and information.

"There was a fire down in midtown and most of the people that live around there-- English is their second language, so I think it's good to have a document translated in different languages that we have, or a popular language that we have in Anchorage so that it will help and we can reach out to more of the communities.," said Peer Leader Navigator, Lusiana Hansen.

for emergency preparedness instructions in 17 different languages.

For more information on Anchorage's Emergency Management Plans and how to get involved, call (907) 343-1401 or send an email to

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