Petersburg voters to decide if ATVs can be used on streets

Published: Sep. 28, 2017 at 9:23 AM AKDT
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Petersburg resident Richard Burke says he gets frustrated looking out the window at his all-terrain vehicle that he paid $7,000 for, knowing he can't ride it anywhere in town.

Burke wants that to change, so he passed around a petition that garnered enough attention to make it onto the city's October ballot.

KFSK-FM reports that on Oct. 3, Petersburg residents will have the opportunity to vote for allowing ATVs and other off-road vehicles to be driven on low-speed streets.

Opponents of the law are concerned with the safety of driving ATVs next to vehicles, while backers say it would help with downtown parking problems and would make it easier to live in Petersburg.

The law would include off-highway vehicles but not snow machines.