Second standoff: Barricaded man taken into custody at Misty Springs Court

Published: Sep. 22, 2016 at 2:07 PM AKDT
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3:30 P.M. UPDATE:

Police say the barricaded man at Misty Springs Court has been taken into custody. KTUU is talking with officials at the scene. It did not appear that any shots were fired. This post will be updated soon with more information.

Anchorage Police Chief Chris Tolley says that because of the other ongoing standoff in Anchorage, members of an FBI SWAT team were deployed at the Campbell Park encounter.


As the second of two ongoing standoffs continues in Anchorage, eight Wendler Middle School students were unable to be bused home today to the Campbell Park area.

School district spokeswoman Heidi Embley said the students were taken back to the school. Another nearby school, Lake Otis Elementary, ends its school day at 3:30 p.m. and might also be affected.

Authorities could be seen entering a building at Misty Springs Court but it unclear if they have made contact with the barricaded man.

2:30 P.M. UPDATE:

Authorities appear to have forced their way inside the building where a man has been barricaded in a Campbell Park home. This post will be updated.


The FBI has joined ranks with Anchorage police to deal with a second armed standoff in another part of town.

Channel 2 News reporter Cameron Mackintosh is at the scene on Misty Springs Court in Campbell Park. He says at about one o'clock the FBI Swat team arrived, as well as more tactical equipment.

The perimeter where media was allowed to observe has also been pushed back father from the home.

Police say the incident began at 3:30 this morning when a woman called saying her adult daughter had been assaulted by her boyfriend. According to police, the daughter was able to escape from the home.

Police say the man has barricaded himself inside and is armed with several weapons. Police say so far no shots have been fired in the standoff.