Port of Anchorage name change proposed

Published: Sep. 8, 2017 at 6:23 PM AKDT
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An Anchorage Assembly member is seeking to change the name of the Port of Anchorage to the Port of Alaska. Assembly Chair Dick Traini says his motivation for introducing the ordnance next week is to secure funding to make necessary repairs.

“The port of Anchorage is already the port of Alaska,” said Traini, referencing data provided by the port which says the goods that cross its dock service 85% of the state population.

Inspections of the nearly 60 year old port by engineers have found it’s at risk of

. Port Director Steve Ribuffo says the total repair cost could reach $700,000,000.

“We’ve got about a 10 year clock, we’ve got about an eight year construction project, which if you want to say that gives you two years to figure it out,” said Ribuffo.

He says a name change is not out of line, “If you go shopping in a Safeway or a Walmart or Sam’s Club or what have you a best buy, you put gasoline in your tank and you live along the rail belt this is your port.”

The ordinance seeks only to change the port’s name and would not require the immediate replacement of materials or markings. The proposal will be introduced September 12th.