Pounds of meth mailed from Washington to Alaska, stuffed in a cookie tin

Published: Feb. 1, 2019 at 11:01 AM AKST
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Two years after postal inspectors intercepted a hefty package, which later tested positive for methamphetamine, a Washington drug dealer has been arrested, and the Alaska-based man who paid him for the package, turned into an informant for police.

The initial break came at the end of the summer, 2017. A federal search warrant was applied to a suspicious package as it came into Anchorage.

After it was cracked into, investigators found four pounds of meth. They conducted a "controlled delivery" in Fairbanks.

According to the affidavit, the meth was padded multiple times over, first inside a vacuum sealed bag which was taped shut, then wrapped in carbon paper, surrounded with Crown Royal bags, and finally put inside a Mrs. Fields cookies box that was glued shut.

For years, investigators continued to work on where the package came from, and where it where it was intended to go in Fairbanks. In 2019, they made an arrest.

The man who investigators arrested this week, was Harvelle Lee Earl Senior, of Washington. Investigators say Earl admitted to packaging, and sending the meth to Fairbanks, during questioning conducted on Jan. 27.

Earl reportedly sent the package from Washington to Fairbanks, and a man in Alaska, who was referred to in criminal documents only as Confidential Source 1, sent Earl $70,000 as payment for it.

According to investigators, CS1 cooperated in turning evidence over to police, including the address and name of where the parcel was being shipped, and identified Earl from video retrieved by investigators.

Investigators said he did so in the hopes of mitigating his own federal sentence for possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.