Power savings in Perryville expected with new powerhouse installation

Published: Aug. 11, 2016 at 8:01 PM AKDT
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A powerhouse module being built and tested in Anchorage is destined for Perryville this fall, bringing with it a new level of efficiency for a town largely dependent on diesel fuel.

“It’s kind of like the difference between a carbureted car and a computer controlled fuel injected car,” said Alaska Energy Authority Energy Policy Director Sean Skaling. He says the three marine generators are 20% to 30% more efficient than what the local utility is currently using, resulting in $35,000 in savings a year assuming a fuel cost of $3.00/gal.

It will also use recovered heat to offset heating costs at the school, “Some schools we’ve seen in the past have had to buy almost no fuel after they get their heat recovery setup,” said Skaling.

Unlike more mechanical units that have difficulty adjusting renewable energy input with local energy demands the new powerhouse will take full advantage of several wind turbines already installed in the town.

The cost to build, transport and install the module comes in at around $3 million. AEA says the Denali Commission picked up 76% of the cost and the state picked up the rest. The new powerhouse is expected to be barged out in mid-September and come online as early as the end of October.