Roadtrippin’: Glamping at Orca Island Cabins

Eleven miles from Seward, Orca Island Cabins is the needed island getaway that some Alaskans may need.
Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 8:25 AM AKDT
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ANCHORAGE, AK (KTUU) - Roadtrippin’ is in full swing and if you are in the mood for an island getaway without leaving the 49th state, I have a treat for you.

Approximately eleven miles southeast of Seward, Alaska, nestled in Resurrection Bay is a cove shaped like a whale tail. It’s this shape that gives the area the name ‘Humpy’ Cove. On the far north end of Humpy Cove rests eight eco-friendly yurts built over the years on a private island and nearby shoreline by Dennis and Susan Swiderski, owners of the Orca Island Cabins.

I know what you’re probably thinking, how much does it cost? Well here is a quick and dirty breakdown. For a full breakdown, click here.

  • One night - two guests = $779.50
  • Two nights - two guests = $1,428.40
  • Three nights - two guests = $2,139.10
  • Three nights - four guests = $3,505.70

The prices may seem jarring but the experience Samie Solina, Ellie Baty, and I had was fantastic.

From fishing gear to kayaks, the Swiderskis want guests who arrive ready for an adventure to know that all the gear they need is ready and available for whatever activity they prefer.

It's an experience like no other- and the Swiderskis think it's a gift worth sharing with others.

“People go why didn’t you just put a house up here? And we never thought of doing that. Never once, we always thought we wanted to make it available for others and we’re happy to invite everybody here and that’s really good to see it’s good to feel the purity of the land here,” said Susan Swiderski.

Speaking of kayaking, can you believe that you can jump in one and paddle to a waterfall?

That’s exactly what the three of us did as soon as we docked on the island. Armed with Gopros and a sense of adventure, we went about 30 minutes away from our yurts to find a breathtaking waterfall.

Aside from the island adventure feels you get from being on the island, there is a sense of being at a “home away from home.” As soon as the day winds down, you can find many of your yurt-mates circled around a fire. And it’s not just those taking in the glamping experience, the Swiderskis also take some time to relax and mingle with their guests.

All and all, glamping at Orca Island Cabins was a success. Aside from almost losing my hat.

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